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Feel free to visit some of the websites that TLCI has developed and continues to maintain.

Dependable Dogs

Dependable Dogs, based in Ann Arbor, specializes in training, education, coaching, and support services for individuals and families who share their homes with dogs. They have clients in southeast Michigan and the greater Detroit Metro area and are licensed representatives of the Family Paws Parent Education Program’s -Dogs & Storks® and the Dog & Baby Connection™. They place a strong emphasis on helping owners develop healthy relationships with their dogs to live more happily and safely together. This is a wordpress site

Petcare Animal Clinic

Dr. John Smith is a veterinarian in Ann Arbor. He believes in the holistic, functional approach to treating your pets– looking at the animal and his condition, not just treating symptoms.
This site was developed in WordPress. Dr. John and his staff are very happy with their new site– says it gives them (and thier clients) a new way of looking at their clients and the way they promote themselves. This is a wordpress site

Studio Z Architecture

Studio Z has created designs for custom and remodeled homes in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Plymouth, Bloomfield Hills and other Southeast Michigan communities. Studio Z’s experience in leading homeowners through the complex process of designing and constructing or renovating the home of their dreams is extensive, as you can see from the testimonials and portfolio pages.

Lawrence Lanphear III, Attorney at Law

An experienced Ann Arbor immigration lawyer providing solutions for businesses and individuals, including work visas, permanent residence, naturalization and family petitions. A wordpress site.

Huron Valley Law Associates

Huron Valley Law Associates, P.C., works with individuals, their families, and small businesses throughout Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, Livingston County, Monroe County, and Wayne County. We help our clients prepare for the future and offer counseling and assistance during times of conflict. Our mission is to provide you with efficient, personalized, and effective legal representation. Our goal is to help you find the solution that best fits your circumstances, resources, and desires. A wordpress site.


The popular blog- was moved from Blogger to WordPress. TLCI Website Solutions designed the website and blog on WordPress.

This blog is an eclectic journey in the travel miles/points blogoshpere; providing information on trip reports, airlines and hotels, credit cards bonuses, pictures, how to get the most for your travel dollars.

DC Design LLC

Cynthia Fink, MLA and DC Design have been creating magic in people’s yards since 1983. A well-conceived landscape plan is at once artistic and responsive to client’s desires while creatively addressing architectural and site features. View many of DC Design’s completed Landscape projects. Call her and see how DC Design can transform your landscape.

Voices from the Underground

Today, when you want to find out what progressives are thinking on current issues, you don’t read the corporate newspapers like New York Times or Washington Post, you can go to independent blog sites like dailykos and huffingtonpost. These sites, so vital to the health of our democratic society, didn’t appear out of nowhere. Most bloggers don’t know it, but their roots are in these same underground papers that sprang forth and blossomed during the Vietnam era thanks to what was then the new technology of offset printing.

Voices from the Underground is a new 4 volume work highlighting those underground newspapers of the Vietnam era is being published by Michigan State University. Learn about the series, read some of Ken Wachsberger’s (the editor) stories, watch the videos, Order the books.

Advance, HR Support Services and Training

Advance can help your business grow and thrive through consulting and support for appropriate HR policies, practices, and services.
If you do not have a full-time HR staff or need occassional additional staff for special projects; if you need recommendations for HR best practices and compliance matters or want ideas to motivate and engage staff; if you desire short training sessions focused on productivity, efficiency, and teamwork, contact Advance.

Lymphoma Foundation of America

LFA is a national charity devoted to helping lymphoma patients and families and to funding research for a cure.

A2 Reflexology

Denise Held, RN and Certified Foot Reflexolgist provides relaxing and healing foot massages at the Hogback Officenter in Ann Arbor. Foot Reflexology is a therapy that is preventative, yet also helps people to deal with chronic disease and it helps their bodies to work on healing themselves.


Anne Reinstein teaches sewing classes to both adults and children. She also teaches at Washtenaw Community College. To learn more about the school go to the June 2012 Ann Arbor Observer edition or to to Anne’s website

Fiber Arts Network of Michigan

The Fiber Arts Network of Michigan (FAN) is a group of people interested in the fiber arts in its multitude of forms: baskets, beads, clothing, dolls, felting, hand-dyeing, knitting/crochet, paper, quilting, spinning, stitchery, surface design, weaving and 3D mixed media.

The Fiber Arts Network site is entirely done in wordpress

Cardea Construction Co.

The totally revised site for one of Ann Arbor’s award winning, green remodeler. Cardea Construction is proud of its design, building, and remodeling work on houses around the Ann Arbor area. Their sites highlights their home renovation / remodeling projects. Cardea specializes in energy efficient, green, smart solutions to remodeling and additions to homes. Check out the annual Home Tours, which always highlight a project by Cardea Construction Company and their new blog all done in wordpress.

Your Garage away from Home

Need more space for your vehicles, your hobby, your side business? Buy or lease some condo/garage space from Heritage Farms Motorplex and see what you can do to make your time away from home that much more enjoyable and productive. In its early phase, Heritage Farms Motorplex is being developed on 20 acres in Ypsilanti Township, MI. Great deals right now for this start up convenience.

Emotional Muscle: Strong Parents, Strong Children

Kerry Kelly Novick and Jack Novick, Ph.D., based on decades of experience as child psychoanalysts and founders of an innovative, award-winning, nonprofit preschool, the new book, Emotional Muscle: Strong Parents, Strong Children, is filled with parenting tips for the first five years of your child’s life, offering opportunities for emotional muscle-building at every stage.

We also set up a blog and facebook page.

Emanuele Acupuncuture

Rosanne Emanuele offers each one of her clients a unique, focused, and powerful acupuncture experience. Her treatments are a blend of the teachings of four noted and highly respected Japanese acupuncturists; her post-graduate experience with these teachers transformed her and her acupuncture skills, bringing her to a whole new level of competency and artistry. She is known for her ability to be present, focused, gentle, comprehensive and caring.

Comic Opera Guild

For over thirty years, the Comic Opera Guild’s mission has been to produce and promote interest in the world’s greatest comic operas and operettas. The Guild’s unique combination of professional and amateur talent permits touring complete productions, as well as producing works that other companies cannot attempt. Our excellent new translations of foreign works, in addition to performing versions and recordings of American operettas, are available to producers and music lovers around the world.

This site was created by Tom Petiet, Managing Director of COG and owner of Concept Studio. However, TLCI cleaned up the code, added metatags, and made it search engine friendly as well as cross-browser accessible before loading it live.

The Comic Opera Guild now has a blog which I developed for them.

WRJ Central District- Women of Reform Judaism

This is another association whose website TLCI has created and is maintaining. WRJ Central is made up of 36 member Sisterhoods in the Midwest. The site also contains a blog to allow for easy member input about events, fundraisers and other topics.

Chippewa Valley Farms

Chippewa Valley Farms members produce milk naturally. They do not inject animals with Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) or feed cows blood or mammal by-products. Cows are grazed on pasture as much as possible, allowing them to benefit from fresh air, sunlight, natural grass, and exercise. Milk is transported to several small cheese plants that specialize in different styles and varieties. Master Cheese makers then utilize traditional, old-world techniques to craft a product without fillers, binders, or preservatives. As part of this site, there are applications and information for brokers- specs, clip art, news that is not readily obvious to the general viewer.


Invitations for weddings or other events, Cards, Celebrations, Business letterhead and Business Cards. All are available in a variety of styles from many vendors. PaperStation will help you personalize all your needs for any kind of event. Specializing in Wedding invitations and accessories as well as Bar and Bat Mitzvah cards.

Azenphony Press

is a site where I worked on content and search engine optimization. Ken Wachsberger is a talented writer and researcher who sells his books through this site. Transforming Lives: A Socially Responsible Guide to the Magic of Writing and Researching shows students how to turn the I-Search paper into a full-length, life-changing research project. Your Partner Has Breast Cancer?: 21 Ways to Keep Sane as a Support Person, by Ken Wachsberger, was written to satisfy Ken’s own need to figure out how to keep sane while he was coping with his wife’s breast cancer experience and also losing his job in the summer of 2000. A landmark step forward in the field of emotional and mental self- help.

Azenphony Press now also has a blog found at

Women Business Owners of Southeastern Michigan

The website for Women Business Owners of Southeastern Michigan supports this group of women who get together monthly to learn more about select business issues and share and refer business to each other. The site has been updated so the directory is current. Members can now pay and renew memberships online as well as pay for their annual dinner and expo reservations,

Temple Beth Emeth Bulb Sale Fundraiser

This is an example of what I did for a fundraiser activity. The site supplements the ongoing efforts of the sellers. The bulbs’ information, including color, height, and season is stored in a database. Selections are made and sellers can be designated. The order is then emailed to the seller and the owner of the project. There is no credit card connection here. However, if you wish to purchase bulbs, this 2013 effort is valid until May 24, 2013. Please purchase!

Emanu-el Bulb Sale Fundraiser, Birmingham, AL

Another example of leveraging the database to create a separate fund raiser. This site is “individualized” for the needs of the organization.

Designer Image Hair Salon, Ann Arbor

For a great hair cut and styling check out Designer Image Hair Salon of Ann Arbor. We create great hair styles for men, women and children.

Gym Giovino

Experienced Strength Trainer, Postural Alignment Specialist and Power lifter, Ann-Margaret Giovino will customize a program that is tailored to your specific challenges, activity level, and short and long term goals. Gym Giovino welcomes clients who want to work consistently with the support of a trainer, as well as those who desire an individualized home program or those constantly on the road. Clients get the motivation they need to succeed and feel confident.