No two businesses or organizations are the same, no two websites should be. Your site should reflect you and your goals for your web presence. Design for your site should not
come out of a box. It requires a mental process through which a solution to a particular communication problem is developed. Unless you understand
the purpose of the site, what you are trying to communicate can be lost.

Not sure what your goals are, what you want to communicate? Well, first of all, what do you want to accomplish?

  • Is it Customer Service and Support?
    • Sales through Online Catalogs?
      • Marketing your services?
        • Information distribution?
          • Sales support?
            • Or any combination of these?

Like anything in business, you need a plan to be successful. TLCI can help you define your needs and the means to meet them on the Internet.
We will consult, manage, design, program, and develop your website– reflecting your unique goals.

In web design, simplicity is especially important. On the web, simplicity is functional, AND it’s
good design. Your pages need to WORK to present your information, not distract your customers. Today’s Internet users are not browsers, they
are looking for something specific- a piece of information, a good or service they want to acquire.

Your design, your site’s look and feel, and content should work together to meet these needs with:

  • Site colors that enhance the viewer’s experience
  • A Home page that identifies the site’s purpose and arouses interest
  • Site navigation that does not allow the viewer to get lost in the site or rely heavily on the Back button
  • Page content that provides instant information
  • Site content that changes so that your regular customers know you consider them, and the site, important.
  • Optimization to increase your chances to be found by search engines.

An effective site does not need to be costly.

Simple sites can convey the same information as costly sites. While the
initial design and set up of a site can seem to be expensive, it is
usually less expensive than a large ad or an insert in the local paper.
While the ad or insert will usually be forgotten quickly, the web site
will continue on the Internet, available to new and regular customers,
for as long as it is supported.

Your website needs will probably go beyond the initial publication of your site.

is part of what needs to be discussed and anticipated as part of the website design. TLCI can develop for you either a static or dynamic web

A static website is one in which the site developed for your organization stands
alone. It is a series of html pages that require little updating. TLCI can be responsible for maintaining any
updates and changes to the site that are necessary, or we can set up the pages so you can make simple content changes.

A dynamic site is generally more interactive. The site design may seem identical to
that of a static site, but the pages are drawn “on the fly” depending on your customer’s activity or query.

These sites are database and program based. Through forms you can update your databases and these
updates are immediately reflected in what the customer is offered. You are responsible for site updates, TLCI will only be needed
if you wish to make additional changes to the program for the site itself.