A chemist has a certain number of containers of liquid. Each container is labeled with the number of fluid ounces it contains. The chemist is assigning a lab assistant the task of labeling each container with the number of cups of liquid it contains.Which of the following formulas should the chemist give to the lab assistant to use for the taskIndividual Question cups = 0.125 x (fluid ounces) cups = 8 ÷ (fluid ounces) cups = 8 x (fluid ounces) cups = 8 + (fluid ounces) cups = (fluid ounces) – 8

Accepted Solution

A) cups = 0.125 * (fluid ounces)

Now, one ounce is equivalent to 0.125 cups 
Now, assume that the fluid ounces is x, we can use cross multiplication to get the number of cups as follows:
1 ounce ............> 0.125 cups
x ounces ..........> ?? cups
number of cups = (x*0.125) / 1
number of cups = x*0.125
Substitute the "x" symbol with "fluid ounces", we will have the formula as follows:
number of cups = 0.125*fluid ounces

Hope this helps :)