Please show work!!!!!!!!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:Sure thing!For the first equation 6v+38≤ -4The answer would be v≤-7and for the second equation 2(v+3)≥-2the answer would be v≥-4Step-by-step explanation:6v+38≤ -4Subtract 38 from both sides6v+38-38≤-4-38Simplify6v≤-42Divide both sides by 66v/6≤-42/6Simplifyv≤-7SAME THING FOR THE OTHER2(v+3)≥-2Divide both sides by 22(v+3)/2≥-2/2Simplifyv+3≥-1Subtract 3 from both sidesv+3-3≥-1-3And finally, simplifyv≥-4PLEASE MARK AS BRAINLIEST