The circumference of a pizza is about 38 inches. What is the diameter of the pizza? Round to the nearest tenth if necessaryChoices6 in.12.1 in.12.7 in.24.2 in.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The diameter of the pizza is 12 inchesStep-by-step explanation:Given:Circumference of a pizza = 38 inchesTo Find:The Diameter of the pizza =?Solution:Circumference:The distance around the edge of a circle (or any curvy shape). It is a type of perimeter.We know that the shape of the pizza is circle.So the given circumference is circumference of a circle.Now,Circumference of the circle(pizza)=[tex]2\pi r[/tex]where r is the radius of the circlecircumference of the pizza =38Thus[tex]2\pi r= 38[/tex][tex]\pi r=\frac{38}{2}[/tex][tex]\pi r=19[/tex][tex]r=\frac{19}{3.14}[/tex]r=6.050 inchesNow,Diameter = [tex]2\times r[/tex]Diameter = [tex]2\times 6.05[/tex]Diameter=12.1 inchesRounding to the nearest tenthDiameter=12 inches