The Mosteller formula for calculating adult body surface area is Upper B equals StartRoot StartFraction hw Over 3131 EndFraction EndRoot​, where B is an​ individual's body surface area in square​ meters, h is the​ individual's height in​ inches, and w is the​ individual's weight in pounds. Find the body surface area of an individual who is 68 inches tall and who weighs 141 pounds.

Accepted Solution

Answer:1,75Step-by-step explanation:The Mosteller formula is [tex][tex]M=\sqrt{\frac{(172.72)(63.95)}{3600}} = 1.75[/tex][/tex]We know that height is 68 inches and weight 141 poundsWe must remember that 1 inches = 2.54 cm and 1 pound 0.453 kgThis means 68 inches = 172.72 cm and 141 pounds = 63.95We substitute on the formula