Given that bisects ∠CEA, which statements must be true? Select THREE options.m∠CEA = 90°m∠CEF = m∠CEA + m∠BEFm∠CEB = 2(m∠CEA∠CEF is a straight angle. ∠AEF is a right angle.

Accepted Solution

Answer:m∠CEA = 90°∠CEF is a straight angle∠AEF is a right angleStep-by-step explanation:we know thatBE bisects ∠CEA -----> given problemsom∠CEB=m∠BEAm∠CEA=m∠CEB+m∠BEAThe measure of angle CEA is a right angle -----> m∠CEA=90°The measure of angle CEF is a straight angle -----> m∠CEF=180°m∠CEF=m∠CEA+m∠AEFThe measure of angle AEF is a right angle -----> m∠AEF=90°thereforeThe statements that must be true arem∠CEA = 90°∠CEF is a straight angle.∠AEF is a right angle